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Stacking is an adventure game by Double Fine Productions. You play the smallest child of a poor family, Charlie Blackmore. Charlie uses his size and his smarts to rescue his family from the Baron who has enslaved them to work in his industrial complex.

Title: Stacking
Platform: PC
Price: US$9.99 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy: Steam
How long to beat: 15 hours
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Review of Stacking

Stacking is unique because of its stacking mechanic. All of the characters in Stacking are similar to matryoshka dolls (or Russian stacking dolls). Charlie can stack inside another doll that is exactly one-size larger than him and that doll can then stack inside another doll, and so on. Once stacked the player gains control of the largest dolls ability. Different abilities are used to solve challenges.

The game has an early 20th century feel and uses a silent movie format for its cutscenes. Most everything is doll-sized in the Stacking universe but there is clearly a larger world as seen by the human-sized playing cards and matchstick boxes used as luggage.

There are multiple solutions for each challenge so finding one to progress isn’t difficult. Finding all of them is harder.

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My Achievements from Stacking

I have 100% completed Stacking and The Lost Hobo King DLC.

Watch my Stacking video walkthrough

Stacking Prologue

The Train Strike

Gilded Steam Ship

Zeppelin of Consequence

Wind the Clock

Triple Decker Tank Engine

Final Challenge

My Secret Hideout

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